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The top activity that we provide you with is Bubble Football. You will be playing football with entire upper body encased in an inflated bubble. You will of course still be able to run and kick the ball, however balance will be severely compromised. What’s more, wearing the bubble you will feel as if you were protected by mother’s womb. Smashing with your opponents will make you bump and roll, and certainly laugh!

We also have a bunch of other games overally called Bubble Games - they combine sport and good fun, bond team members and are a great way to release stress and tension you get after busy week at work.

Feel free to look around and pick the best package for you. If you have any special wishes we can handle them as well to make your event your Dream Event!

Bubble Games

Sport and Team Building!

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Bubble Football

Kick, Bump & Roll!

Football match in teams of 4, 5 or 6 players: (1) single game when two teams; (2) single elimination or (3) round robin tournament when 3 and more teams. Team that wins all games (2) or that has most victories (3) wins the tournament.

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Save your Boss!

Two teams: gangsters and bodyguards including VIP. Gangsters aim to knock down the bodyguards and VIP. Bodyguards aim to protect the VIP and take him from A to B. Gangsters win when all bodyguards and/or the VIP is knocked down. Bodyguards win when VIP reaches point B.

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Knock him down!

One to one wrestling in sumo ring: (1) single elimination or (2) round robin tournament. Player who knocked all opponents wins (1) or who has most victories (2). Team SUMO also available.

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Last One Standing

Bump them all!

Typical death match, no teams: each player plays against others. Those knocked down mustn’t stand up again. Player that bumped all other players wins.

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Event Manager & Managing Director

Posionate football player.

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Event Manager & Customer Care Advisor

Posionate marathon runner.

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Fitness Trainer & Event Manager

Crazy in love with Rugby, CrossFit, Cycling & Paleo Diet!

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Advisor & Marketing Director

Posionate runner, swimmer, hitchhiker bike rider & dancer!

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Video Clips Producer

Climbed Dufourspitze 4634 m.a.s.l, ski instructor, crazy about challenges!

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Sports & Fitness Trainer

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Sports & Fitness Trainer

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Sports & Fitness Trainer

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Sports & Fitness Trainer

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Sports & Fitness Trainer

- Mission -

Providing team bonding events based on sport activities combined with fun.

- Vision -

Teams that are well-bonded and share activities after hours are more likely to be successful as they communicate more effectively.

- Values -

Your satisfaction, smile and safety are crucial to us. We constantly improve quality of our services to make your team spirit grow.

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