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Benefits of Travelling Solo by a Young Millionaire

Hello there. Here we present top 3 reasons why to travel alone. @Rob_Gryn – young Polish entrepreneur, millionaire – shares his “why to travel alone”. As he says, he first was scared to do it, but after he did it, he loved it. The video is really inspiring. Hope you’ll get this itch to go on a travel alone one day.

1. Enjoy most liberating experience you can have. You are the boss. You do whatever you like, eat whatever you like – no one tells you what to do, no one is complaining.

2. Go beyond your comfort zone – talk to strangers, meet new interesting people

3. Experience real adventure, really cool stuff you have always wanted to do

As you have probably noticed we mainly find group activities in our offer. However we also do concierge for solo travellers. Just drop us an email and tell us how we can assist you.

All right so I’m about to go on my next adventure I’m going up on the tallest mountain in the world which is here in Hawaii it starts 6 kilometres below sea level and extends up to 4200 meters so there’s snow up there um I’ve heard I’m gonna get a winter jacket and we’re gonna watch the sunset yeah excited you guys probably think Mount Everest this is tallest mountain Mount Everest is the highest point above sea level this is the tallest mountain in the world you can google it it’s true anyway while I’m driving there I wanted to tell you guys about why I think travelling alone is the best thing in the world I’ve only I only did it for the first time last year already no more extended period of over a week I was also here in Hawaii and I loved it so much I decided I’m gonna be travelling a lot more I’ve always been trying to arrange you know trips with my friends as a single guy you know with no girlfriend the only other option is to go alone and I was always always thinking that it’d be lonely but it’s not lonely you just gotta you gotta do stuff you got a fill in your time and and that is great that’s it move down there we go really hot today as you can see y’all covered in swamp I think it moves down all right let’s go navigation on that were set so today’s second-to-last day tomorrow leaving at 9 p.m. I’m excited to go back you know the Santa Monica feels like home something I haven’t felt in a long time so feel very lucky for that I’ve really been I was really missing that in my life I felt really lost in this place a homeless child anyway I wanted to tell you guys for those of you that have never travelled alone I wanted to tell you guys that travelling alone is the most liberating experience I think you can have I heard it from a bunch of my friends years ago the travelling alone is great like you should you should definitely try it I was always a calm you know I’m lonely enough every day basis why would I go off on my to be alone even more than a foreign place last year I was in Las Vegas at work at a conference and I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii and so I booked myself a one-way ticket and went on my own and I was there I think for 12 days with the Maui went through Oahu as well and I loved it I loved it I was so pleasantly surprised how wonderful travelling alone can be it’s just such a liberating and freeing
experience you know there’s no no one tells you what to do no one’s complaining no one’s moaning let’s do this let’s eat that you just get to decide what to do when to do it how to do it how often and it’s all up to you and it kind of forces you to be and kind of forces you to be out of your comfort zone like meeting strangers you know I’m an introvert by nature for me it’s difficult but there’s a strange thing when I’m with my friends I’m very very unlikely to talk to strangers I’ll kind of hang in my comfortable circle my sphere of order but when you’re alone you kind of almost want to easy even as an introvert I want to kind of engage strangers and just talk to them and I met some really interesting people last year and this year so we you know absolutely there’s enough to be a lonely
experience in 1,000 feet right all right you stay on council make a drive Wow so yeah you know like I like keeping myself busy you know honestly being on vacation requires a bit of effort as well if you want to do the really cool like the really really adventurous life time memory type of stuff you have to make an effort you have to kind of force yourself to not be lazy because you know it’s easy to get to a nice hotel a nice beach and just like just lay there and stuff and be dormant but to do the all the cool activities I mean that requires that requires effort that requires a bit of work that requires a bit of sacrifice getting up early know that I have to get up at 5:45 in the morning to go spearfishing at 7 a.m. to skip breakfast all that but I know from experience that the most incredible experiences in life are the ones that require effort so I do it I’ve trained myself to do it and it’s this kind of mindset that I feel it’s the cycle the success mindset because there’s no other way to call it it permeates into your personal life your professional life your social life like you know you realise Oh life is work and to live a great life you have to put in an effort to experience great things to
get a good job or to start a great business it all requires a lot of energy and I’ve kind of learned that you know last night I was so tired after the day before I was also having a lot of like like doing a lot of activities I was like God to set my alarm to 5:45 I’m so tired I want to just take it easy but I knew in the back of my head that when you get out there a new experience you know swimming with sharks I was swimming with sharks today I was hunting I was diving 20 meters I heard whales
underwater there’s nobody around it was an absolute absolutely magnificent experience but it required me to force myself in the beginning and then once you’re there it’s incredible and most
things in life are like that you know because it’s easy to say next time later but no man life is short you got if you’re watching this I always like to repeat this you have like 15,000 maybe 20,000 days of life left that’s not many when you put it in a you know in and the number of days I like to remind
myself every single day that this is another one that I get to cross off as I approach closer to the and so I want to make the most of it and that’s what it’s all about making the most of your time because feeling lazy everybody feels lazy and the people who experience the best things are the ones who know how to push through that yeah so that’s what travelling is all about solo travelling its freedom experiencing all the things that you want to without anyone you know having their saying it meeting new people getting out of your comfort zone doing new things read two books over this over this past week I started writing in my journal I started meditating twice a day like I set myself goals and on vacation you know that’s what being a driven individual is all about is always learning new stuff pushing yourself doing new things and just continuing to grow till the day you die because the day you stop learning then you stop growing the day you stop experiencing new things and stimulating your mind is the day are practically dead in my book
I’m not gonna let that happen ever this life is a precious miracle and I’ve felt it more than ever on this vacation when I’ve seen lava you know the formation of this earth you can see it here oh I went on a Blackwater diet so just dive ten miles and miles off the shore in water there was two miles deep sorry even more than two kilometres I saw some of the earliest life-forms that inhabited our planet and now I’m going on the tallest mountain in the world to watch the sunset after which I’m going to look up at the stars and see the universe and earlier today I was hunting for my own food hunting I was swimming with sharks they were surrounding us as we had dead fish on us like life at its finest for me this is what it’s all about it’s why it works so hard to experience these moments and I feel I don’t do that enough of it I know most of us feel that way but we can change that as a beautiful thing it’s all up to us what we do when we do it how we do it I feel so free and like I feel just super present not thinking about the future or the past just enjoying the moment and this is what I came out of a wife or to feel exactly that it’s such a beautiful place you know I’m actually gonna look at I’m gonna look at out of curiosity I’m gonna look at property here maybe maybe looking at vesting in some land in Hawaii it’s not a bad place to live when the world starts going
down this is like a little microcosm Universal so diverse so many things to do the people are so friendly and so interesting is a lot of the people are not from Hawaii they’re people who made
the decision to leave everything behind and move out here and I admire that so much because I was that takes a lot of courage courage that I don’t even necessarily have I just gathered it climbing them to California you know like on this vacation excels alone I’m eating healthy I’ve had no alcohol I’m working out almost every day it’s not working out I’m doing some hardcore exercise in the form of different different types of adventures hiking free diving scuba diving super health keep my mind out I’m ready to get back and just get it done you don’t take things to the next level start building that billion-dollar company that is my goal and I will achieve it and while achieving it I’m gonna have these incredible trips as well because I feel people who work hard and then retire and then try to live life that’s such a messed up way to live life like by the time you’re retired you’re
just like you 65 years old or whatever your Carolee doing it like extreme sports it’s different but Tim Ferris calls its mini retirements taking breaks regularly getting rid of your addiction to the
Internet social media I was offline for four days just completely uninstalled is put on my phone put my Flom phone and flight mode put my laptop away I felt better than ever you know it’s hard to realise how badly our minds are polluted by social media by local by all the fake news and stupid news as no real value sometimes I just leave everything and live live in the wild like the real see ya is to do that I don’t need a million dollars I totally understand why all the rich people buy land here like such a crazy cool place you know I’m not even feeling happy I’m feeling joyful just just no reason just your I’ll go yeah man this is what it’s all about and you need to remind yourself what it is to feel your joy piece and just just like quietness in your mind reading just you know meditating eating well not drinking alcohol not poisoning yourself doing a lot of exercise I believe me if all of you watching this you could be doing the same if you just make it your goal make your gon do it
now those people out here have small businesses I mean Jeremy the guy was spearfishing with
as small businesses just taking tourists out spearfishing he knows what he loves and he lives off of it he travels the world he’s going to Madagascar he’s gonna travel Africa simple and like just top complaining that you don’t have the money to do it or whatever look at how much money you spend on other material things that don’t make you happy they give you really nothing it’s easy to get caught in that trap that’s what you know Western society has kind of become but it’s possible leave everything behind move to abusive paradise live the life of your dreams become a scuba scuba diving instructor become whatever you want a tour guide three biologists I don’t know so many beautiful options that we we don’t choose those images it’s sometimes it’s crazy to really acknowledge that anyway that’s ended my video of why everybody should travel alone at least
once in their life because it’s honestly one of the best things you can do to learn about yourself to have a great time and just to live life to the fullest as always if you liked this video hit the thumbs up click the subscribe button to see more content you know because the only reason I’m making content is to try to reach as many people to me hopefully its inspire as many people as possible
that’s my goal and yeah I’ll see you next time mahalo

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