Bubble Football gives you endorphins high!

Bubble Football can make you really high!
– also you sober up quickly after long night out 😉 

When we welcome groups on their arrival they don’t always necessary look or feel their best. That’s the case especially after they’d had a long night out drinking and dancing. Starting from the warm up, going from Bubble Football, to VIP and Last One Standing we see that as endorfins go high people recover from hangovers and gain more power and positive attitude. We made a short video to proof that. Adam shares his experience after Bumper Ball games. Yes, he was really sweaty, but luckily there were shower facilities 😉 

So, come over and play Bubble Football to make yourself really high and fresh for another night out in the club!

Check what we have for you and read more about Bubble Football activity.

Adam bachelor party! :)Short interview with him right after the game 🙂

Opublikowany przez Bumper Ball Experiences – No. 1 Bubble Football in Krakow Piątek, 23 czerwca 2017

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