Bubble Football for Mr & Mrs Muscle

Some time ago

we had the opportunity to organize a team-building for a Polish company from the nutrition sector. As expected, all the competitors were well-built ????. So you may think what activity they chose? Of course Bubble Football. As you can watch on the video below, some of the players, despite their size, had no problem to enter the Bumper Ball 😉 

The ladies also took part in

the game and were the captains of the teams. The fight was very fierce because the winning team was going to win a financial reward from the boss. Of course, everything was going according to the fair play rules, so our referee did not have to intervene often 😉 

The event took 2 hours

because the group numbered almost 30 people. We remember this group very well – you can’t hold smile back when you see big guys smashing each other. Trust us that the bumper ball in the hands of over 100 kilogram bodybuilder is an incredible weapon.

Enjoy watching! 

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