Bubble Football Rodeo!

Bumper Ball Rodeo = Bubble balls vs Bulls!
– Really? People are really crazy but it looks both amazing and thrilling!

Oh My God, this is absolutely crazy! See what happens when a bull on rodeo tackles people wearing bumper balls / bubble balls. It looks really scary but people sitting at the audience are laughing out loud. Bubbles hit by the bull fly really high. I guess those crazy ones fighting with bulls are either adrenaline addicts, stuntmen or suicides. 


If you are crazy enough let us know and we’ll try our best to make this happen in Krakow for your stag or hen party.
However if you are more more conservative one with bumper balls we have a ready to buy Bubble Football activity.

Zorbing Fußball Rodeo

Verkehrte Welt. (via JukinVideo)

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