good wine needs no bush

Good Wine Needs No Bush

What Would You Take With You to a Desert Island?

Ask women about that. Are you curious what they will respond? Most of them will certainly answer: a corkscrew. That’s why, we predict it will be an event mostly for ladies.

New Product in a Various Offer

We established our position in event business. All our products command respect and satisfaction of thousands of customers. We are sure that wine tasting it’s going to be another apple of our eyes and travellers will love it. Polish wines from the best Polish vineyards, delicious tapas, charm of a lovely restaurant located in the strict city centre – it must be a bull’s-eye.

Don’t You Have Any Ideas for Girls’ Night Out?

Just imagine to start evening with wine tasting and after that have a boat party on Vistula river. It’s one of the best scenarios for hen party. Just send us a request and we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you. Don’t wait any longer, we’re inviting you for wine aerobics with us 🙂

Wanna Give it a Try?

Wine Tasting – “Polish Vineyards Tour” 📍 Krakow

Would You Care for a Glass of Polish Wine?

Ready to explore Poland’s best vineyards in the heart of Krakow? Indulge yourself in a world full of Polish wines – learn the production process, vine stock and history of each sample from our knowledgeable sommelier. Relish the various tapas which will significantly enhance the taste of wine. The ambient atmosphere of the restaurant is elegant and resembles vineyard’s basement. Do you prefer white or red wine?

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