Greatest Game Ever Played – Bubble Football!

Bubble Football – best viral video ever!

If you want to find out what kind of fun you can experience during Bubble Football game all you need to do is to watch the below video by Devin Super Tramp. Bumping, rolling, bouncing, laughing never ends there. Watching the video you can feel the adrenaline and amaze on this great game so imagine what you can feel during a real life game. Luck is on your side as this games is available for regular Joe who comes for his stag party to Krakow, or regular Jessica who wants to play this great game with her girl friends at her hen party.  

The video show Bubble Football – the main and most wanted game scenario using bumper balls. There is a bunch of other games scenarios that are also attractive. Second most wanted is the VIP. There are two teams: gangsters and bodyguards including VIP. Gangsters aim to eliminate the VIP. Bodyguards protect VIP and escort him safely to the base. Gangsters win when VIP is knocked down. Bodyguards win when VIP reaches the base.

Find out more about Bubble Football and book the date for you.

P.S.1. Worth to mention that Devin has an amazing YouTube channel with more videos like this one.
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