How To Organise an Extraordinary Date in Krakow?

What Type of Date You Want?

We have many different kinds of customers: big companies, group of friends coming for stag do, hen party, birthday party, families, but we also have couples going for a romantic trip to Poland.

I would like to focus today on couples. Lately, we’ve had quite a few questions about activities for two people. We know that everybody is unique, the same is with couples, some of them like to spend time in an active way, some in more romantic way, another like some extreme activities. I think we can meet everyone’s expectations.

Romantic Explosion On the Shooting Range

For those who love to watch action films, dream about being like James Bond, Rambo or Tomb Rider, we can organise special evening on the Shooting Range, before your romantic dinner, with candles and flowers you can compete with the guns in your hands and adrenaline in your blood.

Our member of staff will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the Shooting Range. You have plenty of options: you can choose how many bullets you want to shoot, what kind of guns. We have for example: Glock, Kalashnikov, Shotgun, Magnum, Uzi and many others.

You can compete with each other, who have better eye for shooting. This is a great fun and one of the ideas for the special date.

Are You in Love with Adrenaline?

Another idea for some unusual date is the Axe Throwing. We have a special cosy room which is perfect for your date. However it may sound, you can still feel intimacy in this place 😉

During this time you can forget about the problems, reduce stress, laugh a lot, and have just great time together. Also during this activity you are throwing to the target so it can be also a competition. You are collecting points, and this game is not about who is stronger, it is about the passion, technique and commitment. During this activity you can reduce the pressure, forget about problems, scream, laugh and feel relaxed. I’m sure you will feel awesome after this evening.

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Are You Looking for Some Romantic and Unusual Idea for a Date or Proposal?

On the other hand if you like more romantic atmosphere, you prefer to spend time bit differently, maybe use less power of muscles and more brain. If you like puzzles, board games then your perfect date should be in Escape Room. We have more than 20 scenarios, for example: Dracula Castle, Star Wars, Chinese Dragon and much more, so I’m sure you will find one which fits to your hobbies or interests.

So you will be closed in the room full of puzzles, brain teasers, different keys and you will have to cooperate to get out of there. During this activity you will check if you listen to each other, how you work together, what your strengths are.

Moreover, we think that it can be a unique way to propose. We can help you to hide the engagement ring in some awesome place, for example pirate’s bottle, so your girlfriend will have to find it. We believe that she will be delighted when she finds it and will say yes straightaway!

Tailored Offer? Of course, Because Everyone is Special!

If you are looking for some unforgettable ideas for proposal we think that all of these activities can be selected for this special moment in your life. You just need to match the activity to your interests, pick the activity you both will like.

We can help you with everything: choosing the romantic place for dinner, nice and cosy hotel, maybe some SPA. We can book everything for you so you have everything arranged well before the date.

We also know many hidden gems in Krakow, places with beautiful view, not much people, great atmosphere.

So we are not just specialist in team building, organising huge events. We can also be helpful with small but very important event like date or proposal. We are great secret keepers so if you like to make a great surprise for your girlfriend, we can organise everything. We like to do tailored offers, we can prepare flowers, romantic music and help you with everything. You just need to ask the most important question 😉

If you are coming to Krakow for a trip and you want to visit the most important places we can offer our guided City Tours. You will have chance to see monuments, churches, castle, Vistula river, Jewish Quarter and a lot more.

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