Let the [clay] pigeons fly

???? Shooting ducks on your telly

Do you remember the times when you played video games? You were sitting in front of the television ???? with a pistol ???? in your hand and shooting ducks or other moving targets. Which of you did not play all night long to reach the last level of the game?

???? Let the pigeons fly 

Today, these games can be transferred into reality. In addition to the normal gun range packages where you shoot with Uzi, Glock, Kalashnikov, you can choose clay pigeon shooting, known as clay target shooting as well. Do not worry, in this attraction you don’t shoot into the pigeons. We know, there are a lot of them in Krakow but let them fly ???? Instead, you shoot into clay darts fired by a special machine, which can hold up a few hundred targets. The question is: which weapon is used in this attraction? Of course shotgun, the ability to shoot multiple shots is very useful. Some professional shooters use a long single shot weapon but it’s more difficult than normal version.

???? Winning Olympic games

Clay pigeon shooting is also an Olympic discipline. Who knows, maybe the bachelor party fun will turn into a big love  and medal on your neck from the Olympic games? 😉
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