Bungee Jumping Naked, Bumper Ball Krakow

Naked Bungee Jumping 😁

Jumping Naked To Raise Money

Jumping naked is a good way to attract people’s attention – that’s for sure. However, there’re people out there that do it for higher purposes rather then just to show off naked. Watch video below to see what charity you can support jumping as God created you:

Challenge Him or Her Before They Get Married

While in Krakow for Stag Party or Hen Do you can arrange bungee jumping for him or her as a prank. I know it’s a cliche that marriage life isn’t easy, so let them get prepared for it by going thru this challenging activity that will help them to face any future challenges after their last night of freedom is finished. 

Tandem For Couples

Couples are welcome to do this crazy activity together in a tandem jump. If boredom and routine is knocking at the door of your relationship chase them away and go for a adventure date. If you wish we can arrange flowers and wine after the jump and take you to a romantic restaurant in the Old Town.  

Wanna Give It a Go?

As you see Mediewal Krakow has pretty wide offer when it comes to spend your free time after sightseeing.  

Bungee Jump – Adrenaline Booster πŸ“ Krakow

Don’t Look Before You Leap – 90 Meter Crane Is Challenging You!

Many people saw people bungee jumping… It’s high time to change it and hear counting “3,2,1, jump!” for yourself. If you’re worried that the rope will break – no worries, it has all the necessary safety certificates. 90-meter crane allows jumping solo or in tandem – with your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandma, grandpa, child or whoever is willing. You can dress up as Super Man, Batman, Ice Man or even jump naked 😁

Ready for a bungee jump? Do you dare to step our of your comfort zone and get some adrenaline pumping in your veins? Maybe you want to prank your friend for his or her birthday, stag or hen party? Or maybe you want to prove yourself you can do crazy stuff from time to time? Just drop us a line you want to do it and beat your fears. We promise you that this jump will be something to remember in your live. So, when do you want to jump?

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