New Year’s Eve Run

Run dressed like a clown, king, aeroplane or a furnace ????

It may sound like I’m talking stupid but when you see it you’ll believe it!

New Year’s Eve is coming…and you shouldn’t expect that you know all the ways to celebrate it. Some people go for a party to the club – you’ll find lots of nice places to go in Krakow. Other people stay home and watch television – everyone did that at least once. There’re also people who take part in the epic New Year’s Eve 5k or 10k Run. The 2017’s run will be the 14th. Like always, thousands of people will line up for The Dragon’s 5k or The Cheerful 10k to start at noon.

Run dressed like a bubble ????

Not so long ago, in 2014, Marius from our team decided to run the 5k. For Marius this distance was a piece of cake. However that time it was a challenge as he had decided to run wearing a bubble that weighs 8 kilograms. He finished the race within 3 min 11 sec and ranked on the 353rd place. Take a look at the video and gallery below to see him running.

Get inspired!

Take a look at the photos from the last year’s run: view photos. If you get inspired you can still enrol, just click here.

Bumper Ball great finish ????

Bumper Ball running in 0:33 & 4:00 🙂

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