Remedy for bad humor and depression

Feeling Depressed ???? Sad ???? or Tired ???? because of the weather? We can deal with it! ????

This week’s weather proved that we are definitely in autumn. We also changed for winter time what means that days seem to be shorter. You go to work – it’s dark, you finish work – it’s dark. It’s hard to keep positive attitude and energised with very little sun. Depression rate goes up in autumn and winter time…

OK, enough of this depressing tone! For us the bad weather isn’t a reason to get depressed, sad or overwhelmed! We have a remedy to stay energised, smiley and happy! We can make a bet that you will experience a miraculous high with endorphins that will make you smile and full of energy! You will get from here ???? to ???? in a matter of minutes!

The endorphins high starts with a 15 minutes warm up. With low temperatures it’s very important for your muscles and joints to get ready for some sport movement. The warm up starts slow – your heart rate increases, and becomes gradually intense towards the 15 minute. At this point your face and eyes are smiling ????…drops of sweat on your forehead! ????

Now you’re ready to get familiar with bubble games health and safety instructions. You catch them in an instant and are willing to put the bubble on! For a start, 2 halves of bubble football which give a good kick of energy and laughter. Team work plays a key role here. Balanced violence to football skills ratio is also necessary ???? Most teams keep it 60 to 40. Men teams usually go up to 80:20. Ladies keep it 20 to 80 ????. VIP is another bubble game you will definitely love for its team work and strategic thinking. Power brains and quick runners go well here. SUMO and Last One Standing is about your stamina, muscles, but not forgetting your speed and agility. 

Yeap, that’s it. That’s the remedy. It’s not a pill. It’s not a chemical. It’s not a drug…but it works! ????

Here’s a prescription for you: apply with your friends, in evenings, week days and weekends. Please consult with your doctor or pharmacist before taking bubble football therapy, however all of them will tell you “just do it”. ????

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