Top 3 Music Festivals in June in Cracow

June in Poland is really pleasant

We think June is one of the best month to visit Poland. It is time to enjoy beautiful weather, fresh and delicious fruit – especially strawberries and also because the summer festivals are starting in town too. We decided to give you a short description of three of them, they are completely different, so everyone can find something special.

28th Jewish Culture Festival (22 June- 1 July)

This Festival is really popular, and every year attracts thousands of people. During the Festival you can learn a lot about Jewish culture, history, people, cuisine and more.

Core of the festival are concerts – for example: on 26 June we will hear the Jerusalem String Quartet, on 29 June the Jerusalem Orchestra East & West. But it’s not only about music: you can also participate in different kind of workshops or lectures.

If you like to discover new culture and experience it. If you like excellent music you should find out more on

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However if we are talking about Jewish Culture, it is very important to visit the Jewish Quarter and we can help you with that. Our guided tour will give you an opportunity to gain knowledge about history of Cracow, architecture, and you can feel the special, unique atmosphere of this city.

Celebration of love, joy and happiness

Another great event which we recommend is ”Wianki- Fete de la Musique” which takes place on 23 of June. This concert is inspired by Slavic tradition related with summer solstice of the sun. It is our alternative to Valentine’s Day. People are celebrating love, happiness, sun, fire, water and moon. They are dancing, singing and celebrating life.

Every year from 1992 in Cracow takes place this special festival so we can celebrate it in modern way this traditional holiday.

This year in few parts of the city there are organised few stages with different music like jazz, hip-hop, R&B. During this concerts we can see artists like: O.S.T.R, Motion Trio or famous jazzman Marek Napiórkowski. At the end of the day everyone can get together at the Czerwieński Boulevard and enjoy spectacular pyrotechnics display.

Or maybe something more obscure?

If you are a fan of heavy riffs or/and every kind of metal music you should definitely take part in the Impact Festival. On 26th of June the TAURON Arena will become a place where the magic will happen.

This event will consist of three great gigs: GALACTIC EMPIRE, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and… OZZY OSBOURNE as a headliner. This festival is a part of OZZY OSBOURNE last world tour after five decades! Can even you imagine that? I’m sure it’s gonna be night to remember.

Let’s have some fun together!

So if you are fan of music, dancing, festivals, come to visit Cracow! During your holiday we can take you for amazing CITY TOURS to discover Cracow better.

But not only sightseeing is the part of the holiday. You can also have some fun on our different activities as Bubble Football, Shooting Range, White Water Rafting, Go Karting, Quad Biking, Archery Tag and more so everyone can find something amazing for himself of herself.

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