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🥟 Top 5 Street Food in Krakow & Food Truck Parks 🚌

Krakow – City of Food Trucks?

I don’t know about other cities in the world but I see Krakow has become a city with many places to dine outside – literally on the street buying meals from food trucks, stands and booths. Few years back they weren’t as popular as at present. I mean restaurants are still quite popular however many people also fancy eating street food in more unusual places.

In this post I will describe the most popular street food local food and pin places on google maps so you know where to experience tastes of local Krakow food. All of the presented places offer super tasty & well reviewed food. Bon appétit!

Top 5 Most Popular Street Food

#1 BBQ Sausages from Blue Nysa

Organic sausage grilled over the open fire sounds like a great meal no matter if you get hungry in the evening before or after a night out. As a side you can get a white bread roll and old style orangeade from the glass bottle. Yummy? Interesting fact is that they have been operation for decades.

#2 Zapiekanka Krakowska

That’s an open-face sandwich made of half of a baguette or other long roll of bread, topped with sautéed white mushrooms, cheese and sometimes other ingredients, and toasted until the cheese melts. Served hot with ketchup, it is a popular street food in Poland. With its origin dating back to the 1970s, the zapiekanka is associated with the austere times of Poland’s Communist regime, but it has enjoyed renewed demand in the 21st century, which has also brought a wider range of varieties and quality.

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#3 Maczanka Po Krakowsku – Pulled Pork Giant Sandwich

You probably wonder what is the thing? The answer is simple: it is an Old-Krakow dish, which consists of an aromatic loin or pork neck, caraway sauce and bread rolls. Maczanka was already known in the sixteenth century and reportedly was the favorite snack of Krakow cabbies. I also heard that some call it the forerunner of a hamburger, but for me it has a much clearer flavor. In addition, more time is needed to prepare this dish, which makes the sherb fuller aroma, is more juicy and melts in the mouth

#4 French “Belgian” Fries in Krakow

Belgian fries are prepared from Belgian potatoes, fried in Belgian oil at two different temperatures, to be crispy on the outside, and in the middle fluffy and delicate – it really is! In addition, mayonnaise, as well as all sauces are made by themselves, prepared from natural ingredients.

#5 Krakowski Kumpir – Baked Stuffed Jumbo Potatoes

Krakow Traditional Potato is baked on the spot and stuffed with so many ingredients both for vegans and meat lovers. They use only organic Polish potatoes to prepare the food.

Vodka Tasting & Axe Throwing?

Well, once your tummy is happy with street food you just had why don’t you go with the flow and carry on with tasting Poland food & drinks? Here we suggest Polish Best Brands Vodka tasting. As a fun time game you’ll be enjoy throwing axes in the very first venue in Poland created for this sport! 

Axe Throwing – “Vikings’ Bowling” With Vodka Tasting 📍 Krakow


Axe Throwing & Vodka Tasting!

If you like trying new things while in Krakow, Axe Throwing should be on the list. Hilarious and memorable experience. Try your best to hit the bull’s eye with 600 grams axe. Yes, it is similar to bowling. Full equipment, set of rules and instructors included. Between turns you will try selection of most popular Polish Vodkas’ brands.

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