Archery Tag | Bow & Arrows Battle!

Until recently archery was associated only with the Olympic sport and Robin Hood. Now you can also try this fun sport by yourself at friends reunions, stag or hen parties and corporate events. Archery Tag is the latest group attraction that has more and more fans around the world. If you like paintball but you are afraid that after the game you will have some bruises on your body then the Archery Tag is created perfectly for you. Each player is equipped with bow, arrows, helmet and goggles so the game is completely safe. Of course, the arrows instead of the sharp boltheads have a foamed-tipped ends so that the hits do not hurt at all. There are two teams in the game whose bases are separated by a safe zone. If you do not want to be hit you need to be flexible and avoid arrows coming at you. You can also hide behind inflated obstacles – each team has 3 obstacles. To play the Archery Tag you do not need to have experience in archery. Our instructors will give you all necessary information at short how-to guide before the game. After that you will only get pleasure from the game. During 60 minutes you will play the most wanted game scenarios. So just string the bowstring and aim at your opponent! 

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