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57 Fun things to do in Krakow in 2024! 🥳💥🔥

Krakow is a place of a thousand feelings that offers an amazing variety of experiences. This is an eclectic city, connecting the spirit of history and local legends that meet with the vibrant energy of fun and entertainment. This city is teeming with life, vibrates with emotions and sends the fluids of joyful excitement, because the adventure lurks here around every corner! To use this time well read our guide and enjoy as many attractions as possible!

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FUN things to do in Krakow

Kakow has been ranked third among Polish cities in raport on the quality of life and has also been awarded in the top ten tourist cities in the world – not without a reason! Krakow has a wide tourist offer both for those who want to spend time sightseeing and for those who come here to experience different types of entertainment. What Fun Things we recommend? Below a short guide!

    1. Energyland Lunapark – Greatest Fun Park
      energyland - things to do in krakow

      Energyland is the largest amusement park in Poland. There are attractions for every age group, not only for the children but also for people who are hungry for an injection of adrenaline, which you can feel here at every step. There are four zones in Energyland: two of them for children and parents, a water zone with many pools, and the most exciting Extreme zone. What to expect? The most popular attractions are:

      • Tsunami Drop (40 meter dump tower with incredible speed and heavy overload, only for the bravest)
      • Speed Water Coaster (the water rollercoaster shooting track at a speed of 110 km/h  from the height of 60 m)
      • Hyperion (the highest in all of Europe Mega Coaster. 80 m drop, speed 142 km/h )

      …and much more!

Check Energyland Lunapark

    1. Go Jumping – Trampoline Park
      Go Jumping – Trampoline Park - things to do in krakow

      At the Jumping Arena you can release all energy, surrender to the moment and allow the body to bounce freely in space. You will have the opportunity to play Dodgeball and go through Ninja Track full of obstacles. The instructor will teach you safely do somersaults, flips and contortions. Take sport clothes, a towel and a good mood with you! It’s monkey dance time!

Check Go Jumping

    1. City Pub Crawl – Enjoy Nightlife Krakow
      City Pub Crawl – Enjoy Nightlife Krakow - things to do in krakow

      Krakow is known as the capital of nightlife, this city never sleeps! In the Main Market Square you will find dozens of atmospheric pubs and bars that tempt passers-by with music and atmosphere of great fun. If you want to get carried away by the electrifying adventure and get to know the night face of the city, we invite you for a Pub Crawl!
      It’s a great alternative to an individual night out. What do you gain? Vip entrance to four clubs (no standing in queue anymore!) an hour of free drinking, a welcome drink in every bar and numerous alcohol games! The Crawl Pub Guide will take you under his wing and bring you to the best places in the city. Go crazy, you won’t get lost! After the party you will be safely escorted to the hotel if you want.
      Well, maybe a little game of Beer Bong tonight?

Check Pub Crawl

    1. Interactive Pinball Museum
      Interactive Pinball Museum - things to do in krakow

      This place will definitely be a paradise for Flipper fans. In the price of the ticket, you will find here pearls dating back to the 50s, and you will be able to play over 80 different games. Close your ey-es, listen to the sounds of machines and get carried away by the game. There are titles like Commando, Swords Of Fury, Paragon, Operation Wolf, Earthshaker, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more!

Things to do in Krakow for Men (Stag Dos & Adventures)

    Amazing historical monuments, museums, friendly people,  good alcohol and delicious food: these are the things you definitely expect from Krakow. However, they can only be one side of the coin as this city has a lot more to offer. The men’s entertainment awaits you here – full of adrenaline, competition and satisfaction! See what this extraordinary city offers you!

      1. Bubble Football – Funniest Game Ever
        Bubble Football - Things to do in Krakow for Men

        Look at your friends and remember the last time you played football. You’ve definitely had a great time! Now look at them again and imagine that they’re in large inflated bubbles. You can only see their legs, legs that chase a ball, stumble and bounce off the ground. Beautiful picture don’t you think? Now you can do it for real! Bubble Football is an unforgettable adventure, so warm up and play! In addition, you can try Sumo Wrestling, Last One Standing and Protect VIP games.

    Check Bubble Football

      1. Extreme Shooting – Real Guns Experience
        Extreme Shooting – Real Guns Experience - Things to do in Krakow for Men

        Have you ever held a weapon? Do you know the feeling of adrenaline that comes just before fi-ring? If not, we invite you to the shooting range! Here, in a safe and controlled way, you’ll be able to use the most popular and deadliest weapons such as UZI, Glock, Kalashnikov, Magnum or Shot-gun. Shooting allows you not only to get new skills, but also it de-stress and gives you an adrenali-ne boost. It is said that the Chuck Norris’ blood type is AK-47, so feel like Chuck and shoot from real Kalashnikov!

    Check Extreme Shooting

      1. Go-Karting Race – Speed on “Kubica’s” Track
        Go-Karting Race - Things to do in Krakow for Men

        Robert Kubica is one of the best racing and rally drivers who gained his experience on the Krakow track – and today you can try to overcome the laps on the same road! The best equipment and professional instructors’ll ensure you maximum safety and fun! What’s more, “Kubica’s” Track is considered one of the most difficult in this part of Poland – it is 6 meters wide, 320 meters long. Together with your friends you’ll get there by minibus, which will be waiting for you at the main square. You have 1.5 hours for the ride, so fasten your seat belts and beat the records!

    Check Go-Karting Race

      1. Quad Biking Adventure – Outdoor Tour on ATV
        Quad Biking Adventure - Things to do in Krakow for Men

        Imagine an expedition behind the city into a wild area – just hills, thickets and streams and you. Great space, untouched by man and infrastructure. The perfect place for quad biking! The expedi-tion will start at the main square from where you’ll be taken by bus. The instructor’ll give you tips on the spot, you will also get helmets, gogle and all necessary equipment. You will have the opportunity to ride a powerful 4×4 beast that allows you to overcome even the most difficult ob-stacles!

    Check Quad Biking Adventure

      1. Off-Road – 4×4 Bumpy Ride
        Off-Road – 4×4 Bumpy Ride - Things to do in Krakow for Men

        Mud, grease, engine roar and 4×4 drive – that’s what the boys like the most, especially in the wild nature conditions near the city. Gather the guys and take a ride through forest roads, fast streams and test your skills in the terrain. Get behind the controls of the off-road beast and try not to bury it in the mud! You’ll go on an expedition with an instructor, but the script will be written by you! Do you believe in your skills? Check yourself in the most difficult terrain!

    Check Off-Road

      1. Airsoft Gun (ASG) – “No-Paintball”
        Airsoft Gun - Things to do in Krakow for Men

        If you’re looking for interesting entertainment for a larger group of friends, choose Airsoft Gun! This is a great alternative to paintball, because it uses plastic bullets without paint. The game ta-kes place on the open battlefield, were the most important are strategy, smartness and team work. Here you become a soldier who must survive this exciting fight and defeat the enemy! Al-though the weapon looks real, but the game is completely safe. You get protective clothing, a mask and a helmet. After hitting the ball, a slight bruise may appear on your body. The battlefield is arranged in an interesting way – there are plenty of hiding places and ambushes. The weapon and atmosphere of the fight provokes a thrill and releases hidden instincts. Are you ready for it?

    Check Airsoft Gun

    Things to do in Krakow for Ladies (Hen Dos & Girls Relax)

      Dear Ladies, if you are looking for a truly feminine entertainment, you’re in the right place – Kra-kow can spoil every woman! You’ll find here a wide range of body and beauty service and many attractions for adventurous ladies! Check what’s waiting for you!

        1. Queens SPA – Premium Relax
          Queens SPA – Premium Relax - Things to do in Krakow for Ladies

          Imagine – You, your friends, champagne and unlimited access to the SPA zone. Sounds good, right? It’ll be a day just for you and for your pleasure! How does it look in practice? A guide will meet you in the hotel and take you to one of the best Wellness Center in the city. There you’ll be greeted with champagne and a 30-minute relaxing massage. You’ll have access to a jacuzzi, sauna, swim-ming pool and steam room. In addition, you can order lunch, soft drinks and personalized treat-ments such as goat’s milk bath or hot chocolate massage. Do something for yourself and feel spe-cial – you deserve it!

      Check Queens SPA

        1. Escape Room – Real Life Exit Game With Local Street Food
          Escape Room - Things to do in Krakow for Ladies

          Agata Christie or Dr. Watson are your alter-ego? Do you love brain teasers? Stress and time pres-sure mobilize you to action? Great! Take trusted friends and use your skills in the escape room! When the door closes behind you, you have an hour to solve many puzzles – only then you’ll find the key and be able to leave the room. You can choose from 23 rooms with different scenarios – ones of the most interesting are Mars Expedition, Krakow beast or Inca treasure. After all, the gui-de’ll tell you one more secret: he’ll show you where are the best ‘zapiekanki’ in this city. Good luck and bon appetit Sherlock!

      Check Escape Room

        1. Dance classes – Shake Hips Like Shakira & Beyonce

          Do you like to dance, but you don’t feel confident on the dance floor? Would you like to move like the sexiest music stars? Sign up for a unique dance lesson – your hips’ll never be more flexible! The lesson lasts an hour while you’ll learn how to express emotions through movement, you’ll gain even more awareness of your body and you’ll feel truly feminine. Self-confidence is the founda-tion, believe in yourself and listen to teacher’s instructions and you’ll be a real goddess on the dance floor – just like Shakira and Beyonce. At the end of the class you’ll receive a film that captu-res your performance. Get ready Sweety, it’s show time!

        2. Manicure, Pedicure, Haircut

          Do you want to be beautiful in every situation? Even on vacation you can take care of the appea-rance of your skin, hair and nails. All you have to do is present your needs and the advisors’ll ar-range you for the best hairdressers and beauty salons in Krakow. Don’t be afraid – you’ll be in the hands of the best specialists in this field!

        3. Saunas, Thermal Baths, Massages

          Are you dreaming about a day in a spa & wellness center? Are you looking for relaxation and comprehensive care? At your request, we’ll organize a trip to a special place where you’ll fulfill your desires. Invite your man or friends, we’ll pick you up from the hotel and take you to the place. If you want to feel special, we are able to organize even a limousine! The offer includes, among others, various types of massages, sauna, thermal baths and many more. We guarantee that you’ll not be disappointed!

      Best City Tours in Krakow

        Krakow has always been an important point on the map of Poland. The oldest written mention about the city dates back to 992. Krakow was the old seat of the Polish Kings and the former capi-tal of Poland. Therefore, Krakow is so rich in monuments and extraordinary places where you can feel the breath of history and mystery. Go to one of the best city tours and explore the most inte-resting places in Krakow!

          1. Wieliczka Salt Mine – Underground UNESCO Tour
            Wieliczka Salt Mine - Best City Tours in Krakow

            Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most important monuments in Poland and World’s largest mining heritage. It’s on the UNESCO World Heritage list and recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of Poland. It was founded in the 13th century and today you can admire the unusual chambers and corridors of the former mine. The trip takes about two hours during which you have the opportuni-ty to see more than 20 chambers, lakes and chapels. There are also numerous sculptures and hi-storic mining equipment. The salt mine is also a popular health resort with a unique microclimate, where allergies and respiratory diseases are treated.

        Check Wieliczka Salt Mine

          1. Auschwitz & Birkenau – The Holocaust Lesson
            Auschwitz & Birkenau - Best City Tours in Krakow

            Auschwitz & Birkenau are Nazi extermination camps that testify to the greatest crime of humanity. Here, the German Nazis murdered over a million people of different nationalities – mainly Jews, Poles, Hungarians, Russians, Roma and others. The Auschwitz and Birkenau Museums are shocking places where we can see crematoria, gas chambers, personal belongings of the murdered, evi-dence of medical experiments and many photographs. A visit here’s one of the most important history lessons that you just can’t miss.

        Check Auschwitz & Birkenau

          1. Wawel Castle – King & Queen “House” Tour
            Wawel Castle - Best City Tours in Krakow

            Krakow as the former seat of kings boasts an impressive castle, which dominates the city and the Vistula River. Come to the Royal Chambers with a guide, learn about the fascinating history of this place and feel the breath of history. See unique beauty, glamour and royal valuables. There are also numerous works of art in the Wawel museum: sixteenth-century tapestries, Italian Renaissan-ce paintings, “movable palaces” (Turkish tents), the first porcelain in Europe from Meissen and much more! The Wawel offers a beautiful panorama of the city and some believe, that there’s an energy chakra on the castle hill that has a positive effect on our health and frame of mind. Is it true? See for yourself!

        Check Wawel Castle

          1. Old Town & Jewish Quarter – Explore Krakow
            Old Town & Jewish Quarter - Best City Tours in Krakow

            There are over 1,200 objects in the Krakow register of monuments. So how you can find the most important ones when time doesn’t allow for much? Sign up for a tour of Old Town and Jewish Quarter! During a three-hour tour you’ll see the most important places and listen to unique stories! A guide available for each participant – small groups!

        Check Old Town & Jewish Quarter

          1. Schindler’s Museum – Learn WWII History
            Schindler’s Museum - Best City Tours in Krakow

            The Schindler’s Museum’s located in the buildings of the old Enamelware Factory, in which a real miracle took place in the 1940s – it was a miracle of survival. Schindler was an excellent entrepre-neur who made the declining factory prosper. At that time, Krakow was under German occupation what for the local population meant big problems. Jews were gathered in ghettos and used as cheap labor, to be exterminated a few years later in the camps in Auschwitz and Birkenau. Schindler mainly produced dishes, but also small military equipment for the German army. Al-though he was on the side of the occupant, but he didn’t remain indifferent to the fate of his Je-wish workers. He didn’t force them to slave labor, but he hired them to get them out of Nazi hell. Thanks to Schindler, over 1,000 people who were on his list survived. These events and Schindler’s heroism became the inspiration for Steven Spilberg to make the Schindler’s List – the film awarded with the Oscar, the Golden Globe and the BAFTA Award. Ho-wever, the reality is better than the big screen – today you can visit these places in person.

        Check Schindler’s Museum

          1. Interactive Museum of Obwarzanek

            Have you ever tried obwarzanek in Kraków? This is a unique kind of bagel, which tradition dates back to the fourteenth century – when obwarzanek was often served on royal tables. The bagels could only be made by bakers who had permission to do so and the recipe of the product was strictly protected. Today, we can be sure that obwarzanki sold on the streets of Krakow are made according to a traditional recipe – just like a few hundred years ago, because they’re a protected regional product. You can buy them on almost every corner and in the Interactive Museum of Ob-warzanek you’ll have the opportunity to prepare them yourself! You’ll also learn many interesting facts and anecdotes related to this typically Krakow product. It’s great fun for everyone!

          2. Wieliczka Salt Mine – Miners’ Route Ticket

            The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a unique place – you already know that! But if you are interested in ac-tive sightseeing and literally touching history, we invite you for a unique trip along the trail of daily work of miners. There are no showcases and closed exhibits here. Just you, real pickaxe, a mining lamp and equipment. The expedition takes place in a private atmosphere outside the crowd of tourists and off the beaten track of mine. Feel good in the role of miner – you’ll have to squeeze through narrow passages, crawl between chambers and dig the salt. And, as in any mine, you can be exposed to methane gas – but don’t worry, you’ll have a sensor and a guide at your fingertips. The expedition takes place in the oldest shaft – “The Regis”, inaccessible to ordinary visitors. Ready? So pickaxe in hand!

          3. Family Home of John Paul II

            John Paul II was a pope who united Catholics with followers of other religions, gave hope and en-couragement. With his pontificate, literary works and healings he made, he proved his sanctity. However, he wasn’t an inaccessible man – on the contrary: the weather of the spirit, musical talent as well as modesty and courtesy attracted people to him. The house of John Paul II is located in Wadowice, near Krakow. The tour begins in the center of Krakow, from where you’ll be taken by a comfortable bus. On the spot you’ll see the Pope’s family home, everyday objects, photos, ma-nuscripts and you’ll get to know the history of his life. It’s a moving journey in the footsteps of the young Karol Wojtyla, whom you’ll remember for a long time!

          4. Krakow sightseeing by eco-vehicle

            Krakow is full of sights and places worth seeing, but it’s impossible to see them all in a few hours. If you want to see the most important points on the tourist map of Krakow, we invite you to sight-seeing by eco-vehicle! It’s a convenient and comfortable way to explore during which you’ll get to know the real historical pearls of Krakow. You’ll be accompanied by a blood and bone guide who’ll answer all your questions. Regardless of the weather, we will provide you with comfort and go against your expectations. The trip will start from under your hotel and it’ll take three hours – we’ll take you back to the place so that you can relax and with new energy move to conquer the city!

          5. Thermal Pools in Zakopane from Krakow

            Zakopane is the most popular Polish city located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. There is eve-rything you could expect from a mountain place – a unique atmosphere, regional products, breath-taking views and a wide range of tourist and recreational facilities. We invite you to a one-day trip to the mountains! The trip plan includes an air-conditioned bus to Zakopane, time to explore the city and 3 hours in the modern Chochołów Thermal Pools resort! On the spot you’ll have access to the swimming pool complex – some of them are located outside, so that you can admire the Tatra Mountains. So just relax, free your mind and enjoy this special time!

          6. Witness to WWII – Jewish Quarter Walking Tour

            The Jewish quarter now is a vibrant, multi-colored and joyful place, open to everyone. The at-mosphere of happiness and freedom is given to anyone who’ll spend a few moments here. Unfor-tunately, it was different in the past. During the Second World War, Concentration Camp was loca-ted almost in the haeart of the Krakow and the Jewish ghetto functioned in the city. We invite you for a walking tour in the footsteps of Cracow Jews who lost their lives during the Holocaust. Why is it worth it? These events took place only 8 decades ago and some of their witnesses still live today. We can’t ignore this shameful history – we should cherish the memory of this terrible genocide to prevent similar events in the future.

        Active & Adrenaline things to do in Krakow

        Kakow has been ranked third among Polish cities in raport on the quality of life and has also been awarded in the top ten tourist cities in the world – not without a reason! Krakow has a wide tourist offer both for those who want to spend time sightseeing and for those who come here to experience different types of entertainment. What Fun Things we recommend? Below a short guide!

          1. Wakeboard – “Water Snowboard”
            Wakeboard - Active & Adrenaline things to do in Krakow

            Have you ever try Wakeboard? It’s a sport reminiscent of a snowboard – but on the water. An extraordinary experience that’ll allow you to learn the right balance of the body and give you gre-at satisfaction! If this is your first time you’ll be trained and be able to work out on the beach. In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful nature and just chill!

        Check Wakeboard

          1. White Water Rafting – Extreme River in Town
            White Water Rafting - Active & Adrenaline things to do in Krakow

            You don’t have to go to the mountains to feel the power of a mountain stream! An unbridled ele-ment is waiting for you and your friends in Krakow. And specifically on the Olympic track for mo-untain kayaking! It has 320 meters and a huge flow of water – 15 m³ per second. It’s hard for a more rushing stream! We provide reservation, travel and care of professional instructors (some of them are Olympians!). You’ll get protective clothes and paddles. An unusual experience for water sports fans!

        Check White Water Rafting

          1. Bungee Jump – Adrenaline Booster
            Bungee Jump - Active & Adrenaline things to do in Krakow

            Have you ever dreamed about falling? Do you remember that feeling? Try to tame fear and chal-lenge your own demons! Bungee Jump is entertainment for the bravest – or for those who want to experience the border situation and free themselves from fear. We offer you a jump from the 90 meter tower – you can jump alone or with a friend! All equipment has appropriate certificates and the instructors have good qualifications. Think of it as a challenge that’ll bring you extraordinary confidence and trigger a huge injection of adrenaline! You’ll remember these few moments for a lifetime! Don’t be afraid – you’ll be safe and nothing bad’ll happen!

        Check Bungee Jump

          1. Paintball – “Fake-blood” Bullets Battle
            Paintball - Active & Adrenaline things to do in Krakow

            Do you love team games and tactics? Take your friends and sign up for Paintball with Fake Blood Bullets Battle! Military protective clothing and full equipment’ll make you look like real soldiers! Don’t let your uniform become stained with blood – unless it’s the enemy’s blood! An interesting scenario and properly arranged space’ll make you feel like on a real battlefield. Remember – it’s not only physical fitness that counts, but tactics! Paintball is a safe game, but can leave behind bruises and abrasions – but what they’re for a real soldier. You can choose between 200 or 400 bloody bullets. So stand up and fight!

        Check Paintball

          1. 5-a-side Football Game
            5-a-side Football Game - Active & Adrenaline things to do in Krakow

            In Krakow, you can do almost anything you want! Do you fancy a match? Do you want to play foot-ball? No problem! Collect the team and arrange a match! We’ll organize for you fully professional equipment and playing field (outdoor or on the hall). All you need is sports clothes, a towel, a desi-re to play and warm up! We’ll take you to an air-conditioned bus and the local guide will provide you with full care during the whole trip! 90 minutes of extraordinary gameplay ahead of you! Go-od luck!

        Check 5-a-side Football Game

        Things to do in Krakow for Couples

        Krakow is one of the most romantic cities. Imagine a nice evening in the Main Square: The light of the moon slides along the street pavement, you feel scent of flowers in the air. The delicate music comes from somewhere and the atmosphere vibrates from positive emotions. This evening looks promising! You have many opportunities to spend time romantically with your loved one, below you’ll find some inspiration!

          1. Romantic dinner in a restaurant

            What should a perfect romantic dinner look like? It all depends on you and your needs! Krakow offers a huge selection of atmospheric restaurants with cuisines from all over the world. You don’t know how to choose the perfect place? Tell us your expectations and we’ll help you find the right place. Also we’ll make a reservation, provide a bouquet of flowers and if you want we’ll send you a car that’ll take you to the restaurant. The most interesting suggestions are: a rooftop dinner with a fabulous view, a date on a ship or dinner at a restaurant awarded with the star of Michelin.

          2. Horse Carriage Round in Old Town

            On the Krakow cobblestones, you’ve always heard the knock of horse hooves and elegant carriages still circulate here on climatic streets. If you dream of such a trip, let us know – we’ll make a rese-rvation for an exclusive and the most comfortable tour of the Krakow market.

          3. Horse Riding

            Do you love horse riding? Or maybe you would like to try your hand as a rider? We can book a visit to the stud farm – we’ll provide transport and an instructor support. There’ll be wonderful horses waiting for you – you’ll be able to traverse forests, meadows and fields from the perspective of the horse’s back!

          4. Engagement Surprise

            Are you planning an engagement? Krakow is the perfect place for marriage proposal! The magical atmosphere, romantic places and the favorable mood of this city will surely make the heart of your heart say “Yes”. You don’t have to worry about organization and details! If you want, we’ll arrange everything according to your wishes. After consultation, we will organize a ring, flowers and take care of the appropriate circumstances. These can be unforgettable moments that’ll re-main in your hearts and memories for the rest of your life!

        Relaxing things to do…

        Stress is one of the most serious disease generators in today’s world – unloaded continuous tension leads to many diseases, including physical ones. That is why it’s worth taking care of your own well-being, which’ll not only improve our health, but also the quality of life. You do not know whe-re to relax – report to us, we’ll help you find classes that suit your needs!

          1. Yoga & Bodyart Classes

            Harmony, peace, balance – these are the pillars of a happy life that allow you to find inner peace. If you’re overworked, would like to find a new meaning and need a change, we invite you to yoga and bodyart classes – let us know and we’ll reserve a place for you for classes, workshops or the-matic camps. For your full comfort, we can also arrange transport from under your hotel!

          2. Stretching Session

            Do you work at full speed? Work’s a great satisfaction for you, but also a challenge and everyday stress? Excessive duties and accumulating tension can be unloaded for a stretching session! Are you here in a delegation, meeting or conference? Allow yourself to relax and unwind under the supervision of specialists after work! You’ll return to tasks full of energy, cleansed of negative ten-sions and with new zeal you’ll be able to face challenges!

        …for School Kids

        Krakow is one of the most romantic cities. Imagine a nice evening in the Main Square: The light of the moon slides along the street pavement, you feel scent of flowers in the air. The delicate music comes from somewhere and the atmosphere vibrates from positive emotions. This evening looks promising! You have many opportunities to spend time romantically with your loved one, below you’ll find some inspiration!

          1. Archery Battle – “Robin Hood” Paintball
            Archery Battle -...for School Kids

            Let your child play the role of Robin Hood and move to Sherwood Forest! Together with the kids and the whole family, you can play a fully safe Archery Battle on paintball principles. There are no cartridges with paint, but there are arrows finished with foam. You’ll get protective masks – nobo-dy will be hurt but small bruises may appear. What’ll give you and children such a game? Certainly it’ll bring self-confidence, let them learn to shoot with a bow and integrate the whole family! Don’t worry about transport – we’ll take care of everything.

        Check Archery Battle

          1. Laser Guns Battle – “Star Wars” Style
            Laser Guns Battle -...for School Kids

            How to use excess of energy and experience the adventure? Take your children to Laser Guns Bat-tle and experience an amazing adventure with them! Laser guns and unusual design’ll make you feel like on the set of Star Wars! The game takes place in dark corridors, which are illuminated by laser shots and elements of the decor. You can choose background music. You’ll be dressed in coveralls with sensors that’ll let you know if you have been hit. This is a great adventure for school-age children! Transport guaranteed!

        Check Laser Guns Battle

        …for Companies (Team Building)

        Team games are a great way to integrate – joint problem solving and overcoming difficulties con-nect people and allow them to get to know each other better. For a bunch of good friends, it’s an opportunity to enjoy each other and share emotions. Ready? Below you can read about the best team activities in this city!

          1. Bubble Football & Archery Battle – Team Tournament
            Bubble Football & Archery Battle -...for Companies (Team Building)

            The funniest sport in Krakow? Bubble Football of course! Bring your people and play the funniest match in your life! This’s a great idea for team integration – laughter and competition’ll help you get rid of stress, relax and rip! This’s not the end! The next game’ll be Archery Battle – try your hand as an archer shooting enemies! On request, you can order drinks and alcohol. The winning team’ll receive a cup and even the losers’ll deserve a medal!

        Check Bubble Football & Archery Battle

          1. Off Road Day – Outdoor Adventure
            Off Road Day -...for Companies (Team Building)

            Outdoor trip with friends? Sounds great! Do something extraordinary – we offer you a trip outside of the city, where you can try quad biking, paintball and off-road car rides! The whole day spent in difficult terrain ends with joint baking sausages over the fire. Adrenaline, break with routine, con-tact with nature and a common adventure – that’s what you need after a hard week! You can also order alcoholic beverages for sausages, snacks and a video and photo session. The winner’ll come back with the cup!

        Check Off Road Day

          1. Escape Room Challenge – Team Tournament
            Escape Room Challenge -...for Companies (Team Building)

            Which team is better tuned? Are you sure you understand well and complement each other? Check it out during the Escape Room Challenge! You’ll be locked up in two rooms – wins the team that manages to break free faster. Remember – the main opponent is time and your strength lies in the team: the skills of each of you’ll allow you to get out of the room. On request, you can order champagne, alcohol and snacks.

        Check Escape Room Challenge

          1. Bubble Football Tournament – Champions League Final
            Bubble Football Tournament -...for Companies (Team Building)

            Have you tried Bubble Football? It’s time to play the championship! It’s a great idea to organize a competition for employees! Play between the departments and let the best one receive the cup! Bubble Football is a lot of laughter and healthy competition – strength is in the team, check if you are ripped! We guarantee you transport, instructor and rewards. You can additionally order snacks, a bottle of champagne, alcohol and a photographer.

        Check Bubble Football Tournament

          1. 4 Guns Shooting Competition – Team Tournament
            4 Guns Shooting Competition -...for Companies (Team Building)

            Are you looking for interesting entertainment for friends or colleagues? Sign up for 4 Guns Shoo-ting Competition – adrenaline, new experiences and lots of excitement guaranteed! You’ll be able to give a total of 30 shots from Kalasznikov, Uzi, Glock and Shotgun. Sounds exciting right? We’ll take you to the place and provide the care of the instructor. Cup for the winner and medals for 2 and 3 places guaranteed!

        Check 4 Guns Shooting Competition

          1. Go-Karting Racing Cup – Team Tournament
            Go-Karting Racing Cup -...for Companies (Team Building)

            Do you love karting and overcoming laps? Does any of your friends consider yourself a master of karting? You can compete on Robert Kubica’s track and see who’s the best! The winner’ll receive a cup and a gold medal, he’ll be able to stand on the highest step of the podium! In addition, you can order champagne for the winner and alcohol drinks after the race. Your struggle can be documen-ted by a professional photographer.

        Check Go-Karting Racing Cup

          1. Virtual Reality – Krakow City Game

            This offer is targeted mainly at companies that would like to integrate the team, build a nice at-mosphere at work and around their company. We offer you a new generation urban game that uses Augmented Reality (AR) software, thanks to which reality and new technologies permeate and the tasks that you have to perform are even more immersive. You can choose from ready-made scenarios or present your expectations. Open yourself to modern integration!

        …for Seniors

        For people in the prime of life, who are looking for entertainment in Krakow, we have proposals for active leisure, which will strengthen health and well-being. Let the autumn of life be a colorful adventure for you!

          1. Golf Game – 80 HECTARES COURSE

            Golf is entertainment for real connoisseurs – if you are an avid player and you are looking for a field at the highest level, you’ve come to the right place. Near Krakow, there is a 80 hectare golf course located in a picturesque area of the Landscape Park. Created according to USGA standards, it has an interesting shape – over 60 deep bunkers and wide and undulating fairways. Contact us – we will arrange everything and organize transport!

          2. Flying Target Shooting – Shoot Clay Birds
            Flying Target Shooting -...for Seniors

            Reflex, efficient hand and shooting experience aren’t strange to you? Spend a pleasant afternoon at flying target shooting! You never tried it? No problem! We’ll arrange you and take to the place – the instructor’ll help you get to practice. To give you 20 shots, our weapons have dispersion balls, so that you can get to your destination more easily.

        Check Flying Target Shooting

          1. Medical Treatments

            Would you like to combine tourism with improving your health? Contact us: present your expecta-tions and we’ll arrange you with the best specialists. The offer includes the best dental clinics, aesthetic medicine and physiotherapy. Take care of your health and come back home in great condition!

        … for Food Lovers

        Krakow is an ideal place for lovers, also for lovers of food! At every step, restaurants with flavors of almost the whole world await you. So how to choose the most interesting proposals? Tell us what you want to eat and we’ll organize everything!

          1. Krakow Food Tour

            Let yourself fall in love with the flavors of Krakow’s cuisine! This is a great proposition for people who want to learn about the flavors of Polish and regional cuisine and try flagship dishes. Get to know Krakow from the kitchen and you’ll fall in love with this unique city! We offer you a walk through the old town – for three hours you’ll have the opportunity to taste real delicacies with our best liqueur at the helm!

          2. Street Food – Top Recommendations
            Street Food - Top Recommendations - ... for food lovers

            Street Food is more than just meals – it’s now part of the lifestyle. In Krakow, fashion on street Fo-od is currently in bloom, because you can eat there really well and tasty. The most interesting events are the rally of food trucks, on daily basis, they are located in various places of the city. Which food trucks are worth visiting? Come to us – we’ll take you to the most fancy places on the foodtruck city map!

        Check Street Food – Top Recommendations

          1. Restaurants

            In Krakow, we find a very rich culinary offer – from dairy bars with home-made and inexpensive food, to the most elegant restaurants awarded with Michelin stars. For connoisseurs of taste, we will organize a transfer to a chosen restaurant and pilot’s care. You’ll be able to choose a dinner at one of the most appreciated restaurants in the city. Especially noteworthy is Morskie Oko – a re-staurant with highlanders’ kitchen, famous for its feasts, exquisite flavors and highlander live mu-sic. However the list of elegant restaurants is much longer. Mamma Mia, La Grande Mamma or The Spaghetti are just some of them. Show us your needs – we’ll tell you where to feed your senses the best!

        ….at Night

        While in most cities lights go out, Krakow with the onset of darkness shines with a vividness of co-lors and wakes up to life – night life. Krakow is called a magical city – it is impossible to resist this unique atmosphere that attracts and entices into the whirl of nighttime fun.

          1. Polish Vodka Tasting – Drink Like a Pole
            Polish Vodka Tasting - ... at Night

            Ok, time for polish vodka tasting! We offer you a trip to the pub, where the bartender will serve you 10 shots of Polish vodka – enough to feel the taste and power of this sorceress. During the me-eting you’ll learn interesting stories and anecdotes about the Polish way of drinking and our cu-stoms. Eat something before the meeting, test it and have fun!

        Check Polish Vodka Tasting

          1. Boat Party – Night River Cruise
            Boat Party - ... at Night

            The Vistula is the longest and most picturesque Polish river, in Krakow it also changes into the lar-gest dance floor in the country! How is this possible? Thanks to the Boat Party we invite you for! A night cruise on the Vistula takes 2 hours during which you can enjoy the open bar! Along with you there’ll be 150 fans of good music and partying. However, this is not the end – after the cruise we’ll take you to 3 night clubs: in each of them you’ll receive a welcome drink and experience the craziest night!

        Check Boat Party

          1. Whisky Tasting – “Around The World Tour”
            Whisky Tasting - ... at Night

            Are you a connoisseur of whiskey or maybe you would like to learn more about its variations? Right next to the main square is a special place where we would like to invite you to a taste of the world’s best Whisky – Scottish, Irish, American and Asian. In addition to the first blended (Chivas Regal), all are single malts. In addition, you’ll get water and selected snacks that will emphasize the taste of whiskey. If you want to try our cigars – no problem, we have an air-conditioned zone and a large selection of cigars.

        Check Whisky Tasting

          1. Wine Tasting – “Polish Vineyards Tour”
            Wine Tasting - ... at Night

            Wine is a real drink of the gods for you? You can talk about it for hours? We invite you to a private meeting with a sommelier who’ll present the best wines from Polish vineyards combined with spe-cially selected, exquisite tapas. Take your time and enjoy the depth of flavor. You’ll have the opportunity to try Wine “Yacobus Albae Sekt”, The Jakubow Vineyard plus cheese with black cumin seed & baked pepper, Wine “Cabernet Cortis 2015”, The Srebrna Gora Vineyard plus dumplings with veal and chives and many more! The meeting takes place in the restaurant near the main market!

        Check Wine Tasting

          1. Axe Throwing – “Vikings’ Bowling” With Vodka Tasting
            Axe Throwing - ... at Night

            Would you like to sometimes lose the burden of routine, remove the shackles of correctness and just throw an axe and drink vodka? We understand it perfectly – you can do it in Krakow! It’s a te-am entertainment in which you’ll throw an ax for a change. You’ll need some strength, because the axe isn’t light, but do not worry – the right motivation is enough to stick it in a wooden shield, just use your imagination 😉 Between subsequent throws you’ll be tasting the best Polish vodka. It’s a very relaxing entertainment that lets you laugh, chill and free excess of energy!

        Check Axe Throwing

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