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Happy time never to forget!

No matter what activity you come for they are supposed to produce good memories while you have fun with your best friends. We all like to go back to our best times our our lives. Often time, to do that, we look at the pictures that frame our smile, catch what is hard to catch as it triggers good memories. Even for me, who did’t see the bubble football game of the group, photos showing smile and more smile paint the full story that could possible happen that day when the group played the bubble soccer. 

Take it easy. We’ll take a photo for you!

Just recently, we take the photos during that experience you enjoy so you can fully immerse in the positive activity forgetting about taking selfies and photos to catch the moment.

If you wish we can video your experience

We used to do it in standard bubble football offers some time ago but now we only do it on a special request. Take a look at the clips we did in the past and maybe you’d like to have one for you too? www.bumperball.pl/activities/bubble-football/

If you want a great experience in the activities we provide – just give us a call or drop us a line!

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