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🥟🌻Easter Food Tour – Traditional Feast [Limited Edition] 🥣 🍰

Easter Food Tour Only in April

Easter time is getting closer. 40 day fast challenge started on Ash Wednesday. Since that time – what’s Polish tradition – we’ve tended to restrain from eating big portions or even overeating. However this is supposed to lead us to the Easter Feast when we eat what we have special for this celebration time. As Easter is in April we give you a unique chance to enjoy this delicious tour.

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Polish cuisine is rich in typical and traditional meals that Poles eat only during that time. So, don’t miss the chance, and go for a journey to explore taste of Polish Easter food. We lay before you a great tour that involves tasting some of the best traditional dishes while listening to a knowledgeable and fun English speaking guide telling you all about Easter Traditions in Poland.

Starts Daily at 14:00

…local time & costs as little as 20 EUR per person. For this price you will enjoy 3 hours walking tour experience with lots of delicious sample foods! Offer available until April 30 2019 and limited to 20 tickets daily.

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