Stag Party Idea: Go-Karting+Shooting Range

Another Stag Party Idea: Go-Karting (32 mins) + Shooting Range (30 bullets)

We had a group of 7 lads from the UK that came to Krakow for a Stag Party. From our wide range of stag do activities they had picked go karting and firing range. They spread the activities in 2 days:

DAY 1: indoor go-karting with 4 rides 8 minutes each:

→ Training
→ Qualification
→ Race: pole position first in the grid
→ Race: pole position last in the grid

DAY 2: shooting range with 30 bullets per person:

→ 5 shots: AK-47 Kalashnikow cal. 7.62mm
→ 5 shots: Shotgun cal. 12mm
→ 5 shots: Glock 19 pistol cal. 9 mm
→ 5 shots: CZ85 combat pistol cal. 9 mm
→ 10 shots: Pistol/Carbine, cal. 5,6 mm

Each day, as in usual, our pilot went to pick the group up from their hostel in the city centre of Krakow and took them to the private bus. Once seated, they headed the locations. After the activities the pilot escorted them to the city centre.  As a memento we share some photos taken during the activities.

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