Jimmy Fallon from the Late Night hates Bubble Football!

Collin Farrel, Chris Prat and Frank Knuckles playing Bubble Football?
– yes, so why don’t you give it a try! 🙂

It is obvious to say that Bubble Soccer – called this way in the States, and Bubble Football – called this way almost elsewhere, is getting more and more attraction. So, no wonder why even Hollywood stars like Collin Farrel wants to try it too.

In this video, from the Tonight Show with its famous host Jimmy Fallon, we give you another idea how you can play Bubble Football. They play 2 vs 2 in a lift lobby – the brave ones! I remember playing football on corridors in primary and secondary school. We used our bags to form the goals and played with paper football. Whereas here, they play in bubbles, in a very limited space and as goals they use lifts with doors wide open! 😀 

The game is just 1min30sek long as it is very tiring for them. Watching the video you can hear Jimmy shouting “I hate this!”, “I’m out of breath…I’m so out of breath!”. He even considers starting smoking again?! 😀 @Jimmy: why don’t you jog more and eat less potato chips to be in a better shape 😉 

Watch yourself to find out the score! 

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