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๐Ÿ”Š New Team Building Idea! [Bubble Football + Archery Tag Tournament]

New Competition On Krakow Horizon! 

So – team leaders, managers and leaders of Krakow & worldwide companies – here’s a new and fresh option to consider when planing corporate team building, celebration of just finished project, met monthly KPIs and whatever you want to celebrate. There are plenty of reason why you and your team should leave desk and computer behind, break the routing and move a little bit more in team’s competition. 

Competition, Adrenaline & Endorphins

Playing bubble football & archery tag will raise your heart beat for sure. Adding competition to it – read: possibility to win a massive cup and gold medals – makes it a perfect incentive time. No room for office talks here. Muscles ache 100%  guaranteed the next day. As the game takes part in teams – team work, strategic thinking and more will be exercised. 

It Is Officially Available For Bookings

Activity has a preset option – our recommendation that worked with our previous customers. However you can add some extras so you get what you want most. We are quite flexible to meet your requirements. 

Bubble Football & Archery Battle – Team Tournament ๐Ÿ“ Krakow


Bubble Football & Archery Tag In One Place!

Play two super fun games with your team. Compete against the others wearing bubble on your back one time, and equipped with bow and arrow the other. Two games count into the tournament. The winning team gets the cup. Full protective equipment included. Extras available on special request: a bottle of champagne, snacks, drinks, alcoholic drinks & transfers.

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