Guns Shooting Competition in Krakow, Bumper Ball Experiences

🔊 New Team Building Idea! [4 Guns Shooting Competition (Tournament)]

Yet Another Team Competition In Krakow?

Teams, schools, families, groups of friends of 10 and more people – this option will blow your mind! It won’t be just another regular shooting experience to entertain you in moderate way to let you get back to normal right after it’s finished. It will be something you’ll remember and talk about during Christmas parties for many years to come.

What’s The Competition About?

You will have 4 guns and 30 bullets per person – each shoot will count in to your total points. You will receive a target labeled with your name so it’s easy to see who is the best gun man. More points you gather, more chances to win you have. Mind you – winner takes a huge cup & gold medal home. So you see what’s at stake. You can keep the target as a memento and grab some ammo cartridges too.

Kalashnikov Shooting (AK45) – Russian Machine Gun

If you thought that we’d give you plastic guns and fake bullets to enjoy… – well, you kind of missed the truth. All the weapons are real combat ones & use lethal ammunition. On top of that Kalashnikov – you are going to shoot – is one of the most well known machine guns. You’ll have the pleasure to feel the recoil force which can’t be missed. Reading this sends shivers down your spine? No worries though – you won’t hurt yourselves as you will be assisted by experienced instructors at all times. They provide health and safety guidelines so you stay safe during the activity time. The remaining guns are Glock, Uzi & Shotgun – impressive, huh?

Sugar! We Are Not Close To 10 People?!

If you are a group of less than 10 people we recommend regular firing range activity – we have 5 packages to pick from – 30, 40, 50, 60 and 71 bullets per person. All of them include hotel pick up and drop off service and private group assistance to look after you during the fun time so you have peace of mind.

As you see Krakow has lots to offer when it comes to city tours and fun time activities – not to mention wide range of hotels, hotels and apartments. If you’re bored hanging around Old Town we can quickly help you find the right entertainment worth remembering.

4 Guns Shooting Competition – Team Tournament 📍 Krakow

4 Guns Shooting Competition

Get ready for extreme competition – real 4 guns target shooting. Learn how to hold a gun, load it and shot the bulls eye. Compete with your team mates and be the best to win the cup and gold medal! 2nd and 3rd places awarded with medals. You will keep your target as a memento. Full protective equipment, instructors & transfers included. Extras available on special request: bottle of champagne, snacks, drinks, alcoholic drinks – surely after shooting.

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