Our Values

Our values statement shows that we’re 100% customers oriented. We listen to customers needs, problems and then we look for the solutions that will make both sides happy. Feedback we have been given so far let us improve our products, yet we still look for ways to go from great to excellent.

All our activities are tailored for customers’ convenience and to provide a hassle free, fun time. They all include door-to-door transfer, so customers don’t have to order several cabs, or figure out how to get to their venue. All they have to do is turn up and enjoy their activity with peace of mind. Creating our products we put customers satisfaction first. However we never go on compromise with safety, so each activity is assisted by an instructor who always gives health and safety guidelines.

Sharing Bumper Ball values we also share values of the people behind the brand. This is quite personal, but business is part of our lives. Being customers oriented we never go on compromise with our own values. This means that we only provide activities that exclude any type of nudity and erotic features.

Bumper Ball Values Statement:

Your satisfaction, smile and safety are crucial to us. We constantly improve quality of our services, expand our offer to make your team spirit grow. If you’re happy, we’re happy!

Find out more about our Activities that give you a chance for fun time with peace of mind. Most wanted in 2017 are: Bubble Football, Go-Karting, Shooting Range, Paintball and Archery Tag.

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