😷 Bubble Football in Krakow is back 🥳

Get sweaty and don’t sweat! We’ll organise everything 😉

It’s time to play bubble football again. Finally, we get back to business after the lockdown, hope there won’t be the second wave of coronavirus and everything will get back to normal. Sure thing that we respect all security measures like protective masks, disinfection or individual knee pads for each player. As usual, we provide door to door transfers with English-speaking drivers. All you need to do is to book an activity with us, come to Krakow, wait in front of the hotel or any other convenient place for you at the given time and relish playing bubble football game 🙂

Our instructors are well-trained and ready for holding events for you. Standardly, every single event starts with a short, about 15-minute warm-up with our lady trainer. After that, you will be instructed on how to use bumper balls safely.

Once you get through warm-up and briefing, the bubble football world is open for you. The game starts with bubble football which is the flag game and ending with bubble sumo, last one standing and VIP that are perfect for stag parties and team building events. Our events take place at the most modern sports halls which are located in almost every part of Krakow. For sure you will be tired after the event but totally loaded positive vibes and endorphins. Click the link below and immerse yourself into zorb football with bumperball.pl 🙂

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