Poland?! Awesome Destination For a Trip!

Why Poland? Read on…

Today, I would like to present quite a few arguments why you should pick Poland as your holiday, stag or hen party, team-building or just a city break destination. 

First of all if you are looking for a beautiful place to spend unforgettable time – Poland is a perfect choice. I’ve picked some places to present how interesting and varied Poland is. 

Poland is a Land of Beauty!

We have ice cold Baltic Sea with lovely beaches – during the summertime the weather is perfect and the water heats up to 20 grades of Celsius. You can lie on the beach and enjoy the sun and temperature around 30 degrees. However if it’s too hot for you, you can jump and swim in refreshing water.

Another great area is Masuria, the land of lakes – this is region in northern Poland which is famous from 2,000 lakes! This is beautiful and large area. You can visit this place to have a look at the Polish wildlife and untouched nature. You can see the most beautiful sunrises there, make awesome photos, you can rent a boat or try every kind of water sport.

Really popular and worth seeing are our National Parks of Poland. We have 23 of them, and all of them are unique and incredible places. The National Parks are home for wild animals, they can live there in their natural environment, and they are protected.  You can also visit: old forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, monuments, cliffs and much more. You can check more here: Wikipedia.

Because Krakow is situated on south part of Poland we are close to few different mountain range like: Tatra Mountains, Bieszczady Mountains, different kind of Beskid, Pieniny Mountains.  If you are fan of trekking and breathtaking views you should definitely learn more about it. I would recommend Tatra Mountains for people with bigger experience in trekking. However, if you don’t want to climb a lot you can visit Zakopane – this city is situated in heart of the Tatra Mountains. It is one of the most famous  city in Poland for short weekend excursions. You can still see beauty of the mountains, eat Polish traditional food like: oscypek – kind of smoked cheese made from sheep milk which is delicious (for me the best is grilled with cranberry sauce).  Also you can see unique, old, highlander houses, hear traditional language and music.

It is very popular to visit SPA there, go for a massage and just relax. You just need to be prepared that the city can get crowded. This is one of the most popular tourists destination in Poland.

My favourite region in Poland are Bieszczady Mountains. Here you have slightly different atmosphere  than in Zakopane. This part of Poland is becoming more and more popular, but there are many wild places as well. Sometimes you can be alone on the mountain trail.

The mountains are not high, you don’t need to have professional equipment. But still don’t try to go there in slip slops.

When you are there try to sleep in small private houses or in shelter, local people are very friendly, you should eat some local goodies, listen to the stories told by strangers by the bonfire and feel the magical atmosphere too.

Polish Hospitality

Polish people are known for their hospitality. We are friendly and we love to have guests. In every family I know if you come unannounced you will be welcome with the cake, cup of tea or coffee, and someone will start to cook some dinner. We love to have company, talk a lot, make jokes. Also most people are learning English so you shouldn’t have problem with communication, especially in bigger cities. 

You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot to Travel Here

If you are looking for a beautiful place to go for holiday, but your budget is tight Poland is great option. Of course if you want to eat in fancy restaurants in Warsaw you will spend a lot but there are few ways how to save some money: 

  • Use public transport – it is much cheaper, just remember to buy a ticket. If you don’t the fine can be high. 
  • Eat with locals – wherever you travel this option is the best, you will not spend fortune for food in posh restaurants, but you will try some local cuisine. In Poland we still have a lot of places with Polish cuisine for little money for a lunch or dinner. You can try Polish pierogi (dumplings), placki ziemniaczane (kind of hash browns), schabowy (pork chop), delicious soups. You will spend several pounds for two dishes. You can find information in the internet or ask someone on the street – for sure they will help. 
  • Don’t sleep in posh hotels – pick hostels or AIRbnb, you can also try couch surfing, or in the mountains try to sleep in shelter or in private houses – people often rent rooms in their houses for tourist.  
  • Don’t buy too much souvenirs – the best souvenirs are memories or pictures, so for me it is better to spend money on tickets or adventures – and as you know the best adventures you can have with Bumper Ball 😉

I should mention about our beautiful polish girls and handsome men – this is another argument why the Poland is worth visiting, but more about that maybe in another post 😉 

Today was more about Polish wild, nature places, but Poland is also famous for great cities I will tell you more about next time, STAY TUNED.

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