Team Building for real men!

Team-Building ideas for incentive events!

There are companies that treat their employees with incentive events for different occasions. Sometimes they offer team-building right after summer holidays time – like now, sometimes they want to celebrate their success like accomplishment of the project or its stage. Whatever the occasion we prepare tailored fit scenarios based on individual requirements and team characteristics.

Our most recent team-building offer was for a team of 28 men! The company said they want to have real men, off-road activities. We listened carefully and proposed below attractions including driving 4×4 cars in no road terrain, quad-biking in rough terrain and paintball in specially designed battle arena. As these activities are mostly physical we also suggested some mobile canteen with the following menu: army pea soup as a main dish before the event starts and the sausage on fire as a closing part of the team meeting.

If you would like to have this offer for your team don’t wait any longer and quick contact us saying that you want to have the Off-Road Team Building or simply hit the below button.

Take a minute to find out the details of the offer. 


30 minutes per person

✓ 30 minutes in rough terrain
✓ Strong 400cc, 250cc quads
✓ Quad biking English instructor
✓ Full equipment: uniform
✓ 7 quad bikes for 2 hours


200 bullets per person

✓ Different game scenarios
✓ 200 bullets per person
✓ Full equipment (overalls, guns, masks)


15 minutes drive per person

✓ 15 minutes off-road ride
✓ Off-road instructor
✓ Driving licence requirement
✓ 2 cars available for 4 hours


Mobile Canteen

Pea soup + Sausage

✓ Huge plate of pea soup
✓ Massive sausage
✓ Ketchup, Mustard
✓ 1,5 l bottle of water
✓ Bonfire for 6 hours
✓ Garden furniture
✓ Garden umbrellas

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