2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is coming!

Don’t worry you will not miss this!

We’re almost there, the most important event in world of football is starting 14th of June!

We are sure that most of men are big fan of this exciting sport, this month will be extraordinary for them. So if you are planning your trip or stag party in our beautiful city nowadays we will help you to participate in this great event.

Where we can watch games and have fun?

We prepared list of pubs where you can watch game, have some beer and have fun.

  • Stara Zajezdnia (Świętego Wawrzyńca 12)
  • English Football Club (Mikołajska 5)
  • CK Browar (Podwale 6-7)
  • Browar Lubicz (Lubicz 17J)
  • Tram Bar (Stolarska 5)
  • Irish pub “Pod Papugami” (Świętego Jana 18)
  • Artefakt Cafe (Dajwór 3)

Also we found some places which are not confirmed yet, but they will probably have transmissions as well.

  • Polibuda Pub (Warszawska 17)
  • Klub Studencki Kwadrat (Stanisława Skarżyńskiego 1)
  • Klub pod Jaszczurami (Rynek Główny 8)
  • Klub Dziekan (Pędzichów 23)
  • U Louisa (Rynek Główny 13)
  • Football Heaven Sports Bar ( św. Filipa 7)
  • PROMINENT The Original Lounge Bar (Kamienna 17)

You need to remember to book a table earlier, because in Poland everyone loves football and pubs can be full!

Play Bubble Football with us and feel like a football star!

Of course most games will be play in the evening time so if you are planning your trip book a match with us! Play Bubble Football with your friends and enjoy sports emotions all day long!

More info here: read more

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