Bubble Birthday Party!

Girls birthday party in Bumper Balls? Sure! 🙂

Being a kid or a teenager of 21st century can be a real fun. With so many activities available every year you can try new one for your birthday party. I realise that I wish I could be a teenager once again…

…last weekend we had a birthday party in a bubble balls style. 14 year old girl had a dream to play inside bubbles. Being a real Getting Things Done person she invited her school mates for the party. 

She sends out the invitations a week before, gets instant RSVPs reading “count me in!”, her mum phones us. 

We are available and willing the entertain the group! We do the SPA for our bubble balls to get them ready. Ohh, by SPA we mean that we thoroughly clean the bubbles inside and outside. We use antibacterial and aromatic spray so everyone who enters the bubble can feel it’s fresh and clean 🙂 We load them in the boot and hit to road to the sports hall. 

The fun begins from warm up. Trainer Agata as always does a great job. With her, a warm up is never boring. Playing funny games your body gets ready for more intense work out in bumper balls. Together with Szymon, they explain safety rules, instruct how to fall in a safe way not hurting your back, distribute knee pads and have 4moves around. 

Bubble games start. Two 8 minutes halves of bubble football go first. Lots of laughter, endorphins, shouts and screams of amazement. VIP goes second…here lots of team work, violence, bumps…VIP down or VIP touched the base! SUMO, oh yeah you can be violent here 😉 Bricklayer is for the quick and agile ones. Last One Standing to wrap up…no teams here, everyone has to protect herself to be the winner. 

We love when people leave with smiles on their faces 🙂 We can make you smile too!


Contact us if you want to have Bubble Football at your birthday party!

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