Franciscan Monks playing Bubble Football!

Franciscan friars know how to play bubble football 🙂

Majority of our customers use our attractions for Stag & Hen parties and corporate team-buildings. Recently we had a quite unusual group. Order of Friars Minor phoned us and enquired about Bubble Football. We were invited to their annual picnic that took place in Krakow – Bronowice. The monks, during the whole day, had a chance to try several activities, for example football, shooting range, billiards, darts or bubble football. We were thrilled when the friars came to play wearing their brown habits. We thought they had to wear them at all times, even when they did sport. Fortunately, it was just a joke they did to us and they went to change in sport clothes after they successfully pulled our legs.

You may think monks just pray, serve the poor, preach, go to mass and nothing else to build their physical stamina. To our amaze they were in a very good shape and many of them were like gladiators. Those who observed, warmed up the atmosphere with loud cheering. The game was fierce and the winning team wasn’t known until the very end of the tournament.

At the end of the day we gave the cup for the winners and consolation prizes for the rest of players. Hallelujah, Amen!


Contact us if you want to have Bubble Football at your Dominicans’, Jesuits’, Pallotines’ event!

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