Bubble Football World Cup 2018!

Bubble Football is getting more and more recognition…

This is happening for real, it’s not a joke. We’re happy to hear that next year in May 19-20th there will be the first official Bubble Football World Cup. It will take place at pitches located in Shoreditch, in London, UK. This news comes from the official website www.bubblefootballworldcup.com. It reads that “There will be 12 teams participating in the Bubble Football World Cup 2018, all of which are national bubble football teams.”

The winning team will be awarded with the unique title of Bubble Football World Champion. The Bubble Football World Cup is writing another chapter in the history of sport and the winner of the 1st World Cup will be first to remember and first to stand in the hall of Bubble Football’s fame. As it is a serious tournament there will be other awards too: for the top goalscorer and tournament MVP – the article says. However, as the Bubble Football is rich in bumps, rolls, crashes and hits, there’ll also be an award for the most spectacular hit – the hit of hits. 

Sadly, we have not heard that the Polish national team is registered for the tournament, we have not heard that there is any national bubble football team in Poland either. However, we believe that this article and the Bubble Football World Cup will be a wake up call for the Polish Football Association to do something about that.

Worth to mention we are ready to become a next official partner providing the equipment and host the tournament in Krakow, Poland. 

In the meantime we invite all Bubble Football enthusiasts and regular players to keep up the good shape as they may get a call into the national team soon!

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