Action Activities: Paintball, Laser Tag, Airsoft Gun

When you want to shoot and at the same time feel the competition between teams you can try one of three options:

✓ Classic Paintball
✓ Airsoft Gun also known under acronym ASG
✓ Laser Tag

In paintball, players shoot bullets filled with paint so you can see if your shot has hit the target. Of course, everyone gets protective overalls and a helmet to protect their heads. Air soft gun is very similar to normal paintball. The only difference is that you use plastic balls instead of paint ones. In both of these options, there may be some bruises on the body after the game, but memories will surely remain with you for a long time. For those who have a slightly delicate skin the ideal option is a laser tag. Here we shoot with “laser beams” that are read by the special vest placed on your breast. The game takes place in dark place, where lasers and neon decorations create a unique climate. So if you want to feel the atmosphere of team competition you have to choose one of the above attractions and play in many scenarios such as capture the flag or team deathmatch 🙂

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