Get a good adrenaline dose on Quad-Biking‼

True adrenaline seekers, risk takers, crazy ones and all curious types… often pick quad biking to have a good adventurous time on this unique 4 wheeled motorbikes. All that is true that riding a quad gives a lot of fun.

To ride a quad you don’t need to have a special license. However it doesn’t mean that it’s a piece of cake. 

Proper quad biking technique makes sure a driver stay safe while dashing trough different types of tracks. Getting fundamentals right is necessary, to fully enjoy adrenaline rush and freedom of riding anywhere you want no matter the terrain. Brave amateurs sometimes hurt themselves being surprised that riding a quad isn’t in their blood.  Learning how to ride a quad in most of cases lasts longer than a couple of days. But to be a like a pro, it takes a couple of years. 

Briefly, these are the things you need to get familiar with before you sit on the quad and go:
✓ Use helmet and overalls for protection at all times 
✓ Correct body alignment gives a good balance and additional amortisation on rough terrain
✓ Steering doesn’t work by turning the handlebars, especially while riding fast. You need to lean your body towards the bend
✓ Hold the handlebars and at all times and stay focused 
✓ Use the acceleration bar wisely as the quad is very powerful 

When you come to us, our instructors will give you a full user guide for beginners, adjust the motor power to the age (teenagers get smaller and weaker quads) and give you helmets and overalls. During the ride one of the instructor leads and one keeps the back. Our tracks are located just about 35 minutes from the Krakow Old Town and are both for the beginners and pros. 

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