Shooting Real Guns

Have you ever shot real guns? We don’t mean airguns (BB guns) Yes, they’re real ones but we mean firearms like  Glock, Uzi or AK-47 known from action films and more often called Kalashnikov. We also have guns for guys who like the real gunfight, read shotgun. 

Our offer is both for someone who is just starting an adventure with shooting and for a professional who familiar with guns and shooting. Just choose a package from 30 to 60 bullets.

In addition to the aforementioned weapons, you can check your accuracy with the Scorpion or the AR-15 rifle that has a collimator sight. Thanks to the fact that the shooting stands are outdoor and indoor, you can enjoy this attraction all year round. The fun begins with professional how-to-shoot instructions. Our instructors who have many years of experience will show you how to aim properly, how to hold the gun and the correct posture so that your shots always reach the target. When you’re ready just pull the trigger and after that feel the recoil of the gun. When you hit bulls-eye you’ll be as happy as a little kid.

In the photos below you can preview how shooting activity looks.


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