Depeche Mode in Krakow – The Global Spirit Tour

The band history…together strong!

Depeche mode is a group that was founded in 1980 in Great Britain. The members of the band are Dave Gahan, Andrew Fletcher and Martin Gore. All three belong to the team from the beginning of the band’s existence…

The Global Spirit Tour

The Global Spirit Tour is the 20th concert tour of Depeche Mode. It consists of 115 concerts around the world, including Germany, the United States, Brazil, Colombia or soon in Krakow, on the 7th February at the Tauron Arena. We would like to inform you that you can still buy last tickets for this event. We are also going to be there – wait for the live report straight from the concert 🙂

Enjoy the silence in Berlin!

Below you can see a recording from Berlin. In our opinion it is one of the biggest band hit – Enjoy The Silence!

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