The longest go-kart track in Europe! Aarhus, Denmark.

The longer the better?

We have already seen many things in life but it made a particular impression on us. We would like to show you the go-kart track in Denmark which is the longest one in Europe. It is 1000 meters long and up to 13 meters wide in some places. The highest speed can be reached on a straight line of 100 meters. At one moment, can compete even 34 go-karts. There are places for novice drivers and also for professionals.

Enjoy the ride!

Let’s have a look how the track looks like on the clip below:

Krakow tracks are as good!

The tracks we cooperate with in Krakow are also very impressive and will provide you many automotive emotions. When you pick our premium package you get 4 rides, 8 minutes each. Go-karting is the main attraction for all kinds of corporate events, friends reunions or stag and hen parties. All you need to do is just to ask for a quote and then enjoy the racing.

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