From Zero to [shooting] Hero

Our fathers and grandfathers had much more chances to become admired heros in a literal sense of the word. 

Hero – a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. For example: “a war hero”. 

Let’s consider a possible way to become a war hero. Probably you’d need to become a soldier first before even thinking about going to war zone. As a soldier you’d need to be athletic, know martial arts, and definitely hit the target in the bulls eye!

If you don’t plan to be a soldier though, but still you want to become a hero in the eyes of your mates, colleagues or wife we can give you a chance to learn how to shoot which can give you kind of glory and admiration especially when you show them your target with holes in the bulls eye only. Later on, if shooting becomes your hobby and passion you may want to apply for the gun license and gain even more admiration. This will give you and your loved ones extra protection in case of life thread.

Long before you master shooting, you’d need to go to the firing range first! To become a master you’d probably need to spend many hours on frequent training with static and dynamic targets.

For newbies we offer two entry packages (30-40 bullets per person) that allow to get familiar with basics of weapons (including long and short ones), shooting position as well as health and safety in the gun range. Our certified shooting instructors happily share their knowledge and passion with those willing to try shooting. They made their way to the point where they got the instructor license so they may also show you the easiest and quickest way to get it.

For more advanced or even those who have the firearm license we have additional two packages (50-60 bullets per person). However, if you need a different package then any of the predefined ones we can compose a custom package for you too. Just let us know.

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In the packages you will find below weapons:[FinalTilesGallery id=’23’]


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