Axe Throwing in Krakow, Bumper Ball Experiences

House of flying Axes ⚒

Do we have some frustrated chefs here?

Who has watched the film entitled “House of flying daggers”? Now you can become one of the heroes thanks to the new attraction in our portfolio that is called Axe Throwing. As the name suggests you will be throwing axes!

This is the only club in Europe where enthusiasts of that activity meet. In North America this is a real hit and it is also beginning to conquer the rest of the world. Of course, this attraction is appreciated mainly during bachelor parties, but ladies choose this attraction as well to show “their cooking skills”;) There are 5 tracks in the club, each can accommodate up to 5 people. Our instructors will help you with the choice of the axe and then gradually introduce you to more and more advanced game scenarios. And all this in the very centre of Krakow, near the main square. Are you in?

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