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๐Ÿ”Š True Story About Paintball [Unknown Facts] ๐Ÿคฉ

How Did It Started? Surprise!

Letโ€™s be honest. Many times we do things without even thinking how they made their entry to our daily life. It happens to be true about paintball game too. I was surprised when I read some facts about paintball and where it started and believe me – it wasnโ€™t invented to entertain you and me while we spend our free time with friends, family or team mates.

The very early beginnings for paintball were to mark cattle – yes itโ€™s true. The correct term for paintball gun is โ€œpaintball markerโ€ as it was used to mark cattle within a herd. If a herdsmen wanted to mark an injured, ill or pregnant cow he would us paintball marker with an encapsulated paints of different colors.

You Can Eat Paintballs! Wanna Try?

Another surprise!? Yes, you can actually eat and digest the paintballs as they shells are made of gelatin – think about gummy bears but round ๐Ÿ˜‰ The machine that produces paintballs was originally used to produce pills. Gelatin is easy to digest by a human therefore it is also used to encapsulate medicines. In fact the whole paintball is made of food ingredients what makes it biodegradable quickly – the fill inside a paintball is not actually made of paint, so why they call it a paintball? If you like terrible taste you can even it and donโ€™t get sick – wanna try?

See the production process:

Paintball – “Fake-blood” Bullets Battle ๐Ÿ“ Krakow


Want to Feel the Hit on Your Skin?

Do you love competition? Are you checking in a fierce battle and you are an excellent strategist? Or maybe you want to try a new kind of exciting entertainment? Gather family and friends, put on a battle suit and stand on the battlefield! Paintball is a great idea to spend time with family and friends! The outcome of the game will depend on your strategy and mutual trust! Don’t get shot and cover your group members! This is a great opportunity to test yourself in an unusual situation – who will prove brave and who can you rely on? Are you smart enough to outwit your opponent? See for yourself!

Ready to get your team on the battlefield and enjoy paint battle? Great! Play most wanted battle game with exciting scenarios that demand teamwork and tactics. Let yourself be carried away by fantasy and feel like on a real battlefield, which was prepared in an interesting way – hideouts, ambushes and interesting terrain will make the game even more fascinating.

Paintball is a completely safe type of entertainment โ€“ you will get a protective suit and helmet, but keep in mind that you may have some bruises after the game and paint on overalls, but surely no serious wounds.

Full protective equipment, instructors & transfers included. When do you want to play? Let us know and we will arrange everything for you in a convenient date!

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Have You Tried To Freeze Paintball?

Go on and try and come back with your results. Actually you will be once again surprised that they canโ€™t be frozen – why? Paintball manufacturers inject an anti-free to their paintball but the shell can become more brittle and less flexible. Some places where there is severe winter change paintballs for winter ones so they stay soft despite low temperatures.

Fully Automatic Paintball Gun Was Produced in 1989

I didnโ€™t find the information what paintball guns were used before that time however when the machine market was released it was first banned at the tournaments since it had a huge advantage over they other ones.

6 Random Facts About Paintball

  1. The winner of the first game of paintball won the game without firing a shot.
  2. In 2006, paintball was the third most popular extreme sport, with more than 10 million players.
  3. Paintball is played in more than 100 countries, across six continents.
  4. The largest manufacturer of paintball guns in the United States is Tippmann Sports in Ft. Wayne, IN.
  5. Paintballs travel at speeds up to ~200 miles/h, 91,5 m/s, 329,4 km/h.
  6. Anthony Kelly of Australia holds the only paintball world record, as recognized by the Guinness Book Of World Records. He was able to catch 11 unbroken paintballs, while blindfolded, in two minutes.
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