Ladies Riding ATVs in Krakow

Ladies Riding ATVs?

Girls Ride Quad Bikes, Donโ€™t They?

If you think this is a quite unbelievable statement you should definitely read on, see the photos and watch the video below. 

Entry Level For Newbies

Our quad biking instructors are flexible when it comes to level of route difficulty. For those who are new to all-terrain vehicles or those who are scared of off-road rides we advise to take the entry paths. For adepts our instructors can take more challenging route.  

Ladies Off-Road Day Out

We had ladies riding quads as part of hen dos, corporate events and friend reunions. The only advise we give to ladies before they go on the activity is to exchange high heels for trainers and skirts for comfortable trousers and they are ready for adventure. 

Wanna Give it a Try?

If you find this experience interesting & challenging you’re in the right place & time. Take a look at our quad biking options and book your off-road ride today.  

Quad Biking Adventure – Outdoor Tour ๐Ÿ“ Krakow


Experience Amazing Ride in a Rough Terrain!

Try an adventurous outdoor activity and experience adrenaline pumping in your veins and heart racing. Do you think you can handle this 4ร—4 beast in no road terrain? Ready to dash thru the forest, field, streams and snow? No problem here.ย 

Straight from the Krakow Market Square, you can find yourself in an unspoiled area just a few kilometres away of the city’s borders. It’s a picturesque area with interesting terrain and extraordinary natural values that are both beautiful and difficult to overcome. Our instructors provide support, but you hold the steering wheel in your hand and decide on the course of the expedition! Strong emotions, difficult decisions and adrenaline – these shared experiences will cement your friendship!ย 

Gather friends, get ready for fun and test yourself behind the wheel of this offroad beast! We guarantee transport from your hostel and assistant’s help. Full protective equipment, activity instructors & transfers included. After an exciting adventure (with a 60-minute option & group 6+) you will have the opportunity to relax by the grill and share your feelings with other participants of the trip. All you need to is show up at the reception wearing sports clothing. Don’t hesitate and contact us and let yourself be carried away by an unforgettable adventure! It’s time to find out if you are a good driver and strategist! Quad-biking is a great idea for a men’s expedition. So, when do you want to start?

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