Most Liked Activities – Ranking

Who doesn’t like the Like?!

Everyone who is a Facebook user know what likes are about. Whenever you post a photo, video or whatever else it’s so nice to see thumbs up reaching high numbers 😀 It simply means that your friends and followers see a value in your posts. 

You like our activities

It’s obvious that some activities are more wanted then others. We especially see this in the number of quotes for certain activities. However, we’ve recently noticed that like buttons under activities show numbers of liked the activities earned. It clearly means that the most wanted activities are most liked too.  

More likes, easier choice

When choosing an activity for your event, whatever kind of event it is – Stag or Hen Do, Team-building or Friends Reunion – you may want to see what our happy customers liked more then everything else. We decided to share this data with you so you may want to take that into account when making your choice. We believe this will be another – besides to Trip Advisor Reviews – tool to pick the best activities in Krakow. 

Likes Ranking:


Shooting Range


Bubble Football







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